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The Wild Zone!

Dreamy eyes…

This is one of the stray kitties I found at a local eatery... I had previously posted as a 'tyre stopper'... :D Doesn't he look dreamy here... Such a sweetie...!…

wild kitty

a tired kitty we met on our trip in Mallorca in May

Just Waiting on a fish

Im not waiting on a lady, im just waiting on a fish..

Birthday Butterfy

No, it is not my birthday (unless you serve drinks or ice creams today). But I spotted that cutie on my birthday. The prettiest butterfly I shot :) For WildlifeWednesday

Wildlife Wednesday : Scratch that Itch Gracie

Heron's love to groom themselves.

Wildlife Wednesday : Blue Jay

Got this in March while the trees were still naked

Carpenter bee

They are all black and bigger than normal bees. Save the bees! :D For WildlifeWednesday

hey owl

Oh, and how he looked at me 🦉😉 met that cutie in a fortress in Capdepera (Mallorca)

the hunter

Miss Tiggy isn't just dreaming of mice - she's a real 'wild' hunting cat and she catches them 🐭 all ... 😺😼

Safe place

Maybe not so much, but a good hideout for sure :) For WildlifeWednesday
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