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Trippy Zone!

Super Ice Cream To The Rescue!

When its so hot that eating ice cream feels like a blessing from the sky!

Trippy Thursday: SOLD

A passion flower already looks alien... a friend loved this and asked for it .. it now hangs in a home of that friend in South Carolina

alien poppy

an alien poppy who's wishing you a trippy thursday day

Still not right

My new spectacles still not working properly :p For TruppyThursday

Meet Li-ly, full of sunshine

Google photos have been giving me some interesting edits... I took this and edited it a little further... Posting for TrippyThursday

reflecting poppies

Poppies reflecting in the sky - or in the water !? Whatever 😁 it's trippy poppy thursday day 🌸🌼✨

Trippy Thursday: NOT the yellow brick road

I live to the left... behind the condo's...deeper into the darkness
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