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Time for the Trees!

Tree Tuesday: The Scale

As I have mentioned i call these giants white walkers... this was before the Game of Thrones...This shows why I named that that. The scale of these trees is immense...…

Tree Tuesday: Heron Topper

just hanging out on top of the tree looking around at all there was to see.... that would include the one eyed me


Silly kitty climbed up on the walnut tree and couldn't get down. It is for TreeTuesday

tree sky sunset

took this photo on our trip at the french riviera last year in november - perfect sunset on a perfect day

Standing under the blooms…

The Golden Shower tree or Golden Rain tree (Cassia Fistula) in full bloom, against the bright early morning sunshine and pale blue sky... :) Posting for TreeTuesday

wild apple tree

It's a wild apple tree on a road near our small village - took this pic in April when the tree was full of blossoms

Sunny day

Sunlight through the trees... One of my favourite things to do - looking up... at ceilings, light structures, skies and from under trees! Posting for TreeTuesday


Ain't that a cool looking apple tree? Our neighbor trims them all like that. They grow pretty low with the crazy looking branches sticking out. For TreeTuesday

Tree Tuesday: Path in the Woods

This is from a hike late last summer
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