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It’s Silhouette Time!


One of the sunsets I shot while I was in Poland. I was so annoyed by the electric poles on a way, but now I kinda like them :) For…

Trees against the sunset

A landscape of treetops on a hill, against the sunset this evening... less than an hour ago... Posting for SilhouetteSaturday.

City skyline from the highway

I caught this some years ago with my mobile; was stuck in a traffic jam at sunset and got a good view of the city skyline from that angle... You…

another misty sunrise

that was on a saturday or sunday morning lately - the sunrise in the foggy morning was so unreal and of course I had no camera with me, so this…

Silhouette Saturday: Wisps of Cedar Bend

Haven't posted a moon in a while.

against the sun

Sunrise in our garden and all these little poppies reaching out for the sun 🌺☀️

As I drive by

View from my car Posting for SilhouetteSaturday

Silhouette Saturday: Golden Hour in Suburbia

This could be the burbs of any large city... houses and wires and all

Hello Mr Moon

He was peaking at me though the branches while I was walking back home... For SilhouetteSaturday
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