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It’s Fungi Time!

Out of season

I completely missed this mushrooms season. Now it is getting too hot to find any. But not to worry... I have a stash of photos waiting anyway :D For FungiFriday

Fungus Friday Tinder Polypore

I used to pick edible mushrooms with my grandmother for many years. Now I am looking for it to take pictures. Life is but a riddle.

The more the merrier

This is something to looks for in the woods. A big group of healthy shroomsies :) What a find! For FungiFriday

All my children!

These life forms mimic a tribe of young-uns rambling about the school yard!

Fungi Friday- Dryad’s Saddle Bracket Fungi

Blues and Browns, I just love that earth colour combo.

Purple mushroom

I think I heard those are edible... But please don't go and much them because I said so :) For FungiFriday.
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