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Tree Tuesday: Path in the Woods

This is from a hike late last summer

Monochrome Madness: Crab Apples and Trumpets

Trupets vine in the old crap apple tree...

Sky Sunday: Sunset After Party – Streetlights Turn On

Just one light left to tun on

Sky Sunday: Cloud Matter Exhange

These clouds were exchanging vapors.... very cool to sit and watch... so I did just that.

Silhouette Saturday: Golden Hour in Suburbia

This could be the burbs of any large city... houses and wires and all

Monochrome Madness: Black Vulture

Just sitting in the top of a dead tree..... I mean what other kind of tree would a vulture choose?

F’in Friday: Flower- Red Hibiscus

From my deck last summer

Trippy Thursday: Orb ital Portal

I listened to "Black Hole Sun" by soundgarden when i made this.....this is for Chris Cornell... RIP Bro.

Wildlife Wednesday : Wetlands in late spring

Everything is so green and lush.... before the wilting heat comes...

Monochrome Madness: Hawk

Just perched above... looking around.

Tweetin Tuesday- A Little Chickadee

Just hanging out in my deck planters making a racket.... and teasing the cat.

Tree Tuesday: That NEW Green Colour

a friend's yard from this time last year.

Macro Monday: My Favourite Flower Columbine

Blooming in my garden
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